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Search Engine Promotion

The myth among web site designers is that simply submitting their URL to hundreds or thousands of search engines will increase traffic to their web site and thus, increase sales. Search Engine PromotionAnother myth is that simply inserting META tags in your web pages will also increase your traffic. Both are just not true! META tags and search engine submission are highly recommended; but, by themselves these steps will not get you anywhere. For many web site designers, other traditional Internet marketing tactics such as mass mailing are of bad taste.

So what really works?

Search Engine Optimization or Positioning is by far the best, smartest and most affordable way you can make in Internet Marketing. Search engine optimization is the process of improving a web site for higher search engine rankings. And it should be the first step in achieving higher rankings.

Although the majority of traffic will derive from the top 5 search engines, we focus on submitting your web site to the top 20 search engines and directories and report on the results in regular intervals throughout our process.

  • Phase 1
    Our team of specialists provides you with and in-depth analysis of your competitor's web sites to determine their rankings, keywords, Meta tags as well as their level of search engine expertise.
  • Phase 2
    we work with you to determine your business goals and objectives. We then combine your stated goals and objectives with the most relevant, specific and popular keywords.
  • Phase 3
    we create the specific HTML coding, inserts the specific tags, creates crawler pages and copywriting designed to boost your search engine results.
  • Phase 4
    we submit your web site URLs to the search engines and directories for inclusion. We perform both manual and automated submissions to search engines and directories.
  • Phase 5
    Our specialists regularly monitors site traffic and search engine positioning for your site, provide you detailed analysis and suggestions for improvements or additions to your site. The goal of our search engine optimization program is to continuously enhance your visibility at search sites, maximizing your return on investment.